Agenda #openbusiness

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Talk: "The mountain is not the obstacle, it is the way!"

In this talk, Joao Garcia will Identify the major risks of extreme altitudes and how to avoid them, reflecting on three great supporting pillars of every activity: passion, honesty and work. It will encourage people to see the difficulties as challenges and not as barriers.

Talk: "How technology and Uber are transforming mobility in cities"

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Talk: "Microsoft loves Linux - Open Source and Microsoft"

Luís Carvalho will use this talk to explain why Microsoft loves Linux, with a technology view and practical examples from customers and partners.

Talk: "Open Source is Programming the Digital Future"

The Open Source company solutions are used by more than 95% of 'Fortune 500'. With a presence in all sectors, from the Financial, Technological, through the Media, Telcos and Government. As a direct result of the community spirit of all code, all platforms are rigorously tested and scrutinized by the larger community of developers and companies on the planet. This model not only provides resiliency and security unparalleled, which in turn ensures that all solutions are ready for mission-critical models, as well, due to their nature based on open standards and protocols, the Open Source technologies allow faster adaptation to competitive changes of different vertical/market sectors.

Talk: "The Dematerialization Management Process in the Alto Douro Wine Region, World Heritage"

IPortalDoc the solution for Document Management and Process of IPBRICK plays a key role as a management platform of all cases handled by the CCDR-N (Coordination Committee and Northern Regional Development) especially in applications related to planting and reconstitution of vineyards and improvements walls in Alto Douro Wine Region (ADV). All communication with the owners is made in electronic form, through the Electronic Counter, digital and transmitted via the Mission of the Douro CCDR-N, manager of the landscape, thus eliminating the paper circulation. Open Source, and in particular iPortalDoc thus plays a key role in the dematerialization, allowing completely eliminate the flow of information on paper, and at the same time increase efficiency and reduce response times to applicants.

Talk: "The path to DevOps: how to​ ​solve​ ​the microservices challenge on a continuous delivery workflow"

Tiago and Rui will represent Syone with a presentation about how to address the complexity of microservices based application development and deployment, based on the process definition and suggested technologies to support nowadays IT enterprise challenges.

Talk: "The Bulgarian Electronic Governance Act"

What are the ways for governments to adopt Open Source for custom-built software and how to implement it with regard to legal, organizational and technical challenges? This talk will cover the different use cases for Open Source (OS and office vs customization of Open Source packages vs custom solutions), the deficiencies of closed-source implementations, the solutions that an Open Source approach can provide and the steps to go there. The talk will be based on the Bulgarian experience of making it mandatory by law to require open source for custom solutions.

The afternoon talks await you, after a quick lunch-break!

Agenda #eventolinux

Talk: "Future of Open Source Survey 2015"

Talk: "Open Source as a Service"

Open Source is currently widely implemented in the industry but many parties still see it skeptically, mainly because of poor information on the Open Source model. Caixa Mágica has been involved with partners in industry and research in Portugal and Europe, in a series of initiatives that intend to promote a correct behaviour of the entities deciding to implement Open Source projects, like infrastructures, training, legal aspects, amongst others. This talk will show how Caixa Mágica has been specialising in providing consulting about Open Source development, thus providing Open Source as a Service.

Talk: "Open Data Lisboa"

This talk will present "Open Data" project of Lisbon's city, it's stage of development, future steps and links with other projects, in particular the Integrated Operational Centre of Lisbon.

Talk: "Cyber defense of critical government structures, using an implementation model of Open Source Systems"

Talk: "Open Source - EDP VAPP Workspace Application Virtualization"

Talk: "Google Developers Group and the importance of community"

Google Developer Groups are an international network of communities, only in Portugal there are three: Porto, Coimbra, and Lisbon. Between communities developers exchange knowledge through ideias, news or speakers, listen to understand people's needs and suggestions. In this talk, Filipe Barroso will approach about the goal of the Google Developer Group, the interest of Google in maintaining these communities around the world and the importante of technologic communities.

Talk: "WordPress, from hobby to reference platform"

Wordpress Open Source content management tool was, in the past, subject of debate and controversy, and it has not been always clear that it turned into a robust platform on which organizations of all sizes bet. This presentation tells the story of this "little one tool for bloggers", which became a success in increasingly large and complex installations.

Talk: "The Linux world as seen by a technology website"

GNU/Linux has been growing in an interesting way and now faces one of it's greatest challenges with Internet Of Things. As the largest technology website in Portugal, Pplware's constant challenge is to demystify the complexity of the GNU/Linux, focusing on the analysis of various distributions, and present the various innovative features of such systems. With this talk you will learn how GNU/Linux world is seen in Portugal, through a technology website.

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